Sunday, November 12, 2006

Requesting Help

Ki to Health is a company privately owned and operated by naturopaths. We are in the process of writing several books and would like to answer any questions you may have regarding naturopathy or holistic medicine. Please do not be afraid to ask any questions no matter how simple or complicated; all will be responded to in layman's terms.

For those who are not aware, naturopathy and holistic medicine are based on the premise of treating the root cause of health problems from the mind-body-spirit philosophy.

What is the mind-body-spirit philosophy? Total health can only be achieved by having all three areas in equal balance. In its simplest form, mind-body-spirit refers to: (1) Developing and maintaining a positive attitude toward life. It has been well documented that individuals with a positive, cheerful disposition far out live their fellow grumps. (2) A willingness to explore the root causes of your health problems at the deepest possible level, understanding how your body works, and the wide range of natural remedies available to achieve and maintain optimal health. (3) As with all healing processes the final element involves spirit. Spirit equals faith and belief; belief in your own innate healing abilities; and calling upon your personal faith, higher power, or spiritualism to help guide you through the process.

We are dedicated to natural health and for anyone who may be interested please keep an eye out in the future for our website.